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Current Clinical Trials
Clinical Trials Offer the Most Advanced Care and Opportunities for New Medicines Before They Come to Market

Imagine being able to access the latest medications and treatments in the field of urology, even before they are available on the market, in a convenient setting.  Chesapeake Urology's distinguished research division, Chesapeake Urology Research Associates (CURA), is under the direction of Dr. Ronald Tutrone, who has conducted more than one hundred trials during his career.  

Clinical trials provide patients with cutting-edge technology and drug treatments not normally available in the community, and give them access to treatments before they are even approved.  Patients who opt for clinical trials receive thorough support from the entire CURA staff, which includes highly experienced research coordinators and a seasoned administrator.  Our staff is committed to the detail of work necessary to follow complex research protocols, and offers one-on-one services that patients may not be able to receive elsewhere.

Chesapeake Urology Research Associates is now offering the following clinical trials for these conditions.  

Current Clinical Trials