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Fertility and sexuality can be an extremely sensitive and challenging issue for individuals and families. This is why Chesapeake Urology's male infertility clinics in Baltimore, Maryland make every effort to treat infertility with compassion and sensitivity.

The Male Fertility clinic and Sexuality Group at Chesapeake Urology Associatesis an advanced treatment center in Maryland for the treatment of male infertility, and sexual dysfunction for both genders. Under the expert guidance of fellowship trained urologic microsurgeons, our patients are assured of excellent medical care as well as sympathetic and committed advocates.

CUA is the largest group of male fertility and sexuality specialists in the Mid-Atlantic Region. With more than 35 years of combined experience in evaluating and treating couples for infertility, our physicians stand out as experts in the region.

Male Fertility
In 50 percent of all infertile couples, an abnormal male factor is responsible for infertility. Through state of the art treatments and procedures, we can help couples conceive naturally by treating male related issues. We recommend the male be evaluated first. The evaluation is simple and if the male is identified as the factor, we can provide infertility treatment. By identifying the male factor first, time consuming and emotionally draining treatments for the woman can be avoided. Most importantly, this can help the couple conceive naturally vs. IVF-IF the male is the only factor.

Our Physicians

Brad D. Lerner, M.D. Karen Elizabeth Boyle, M.D. David M.Fenig, M.D.

The Male Fertility and Sexuality Group at Chesapeake Urology Associates is led by our physicians, Dr. Karen E. Boyle, Director, in conjunction with Associate Directors, Dr. David M. Fenig and Dr. Brad D. Lerner. The focus of this division is:

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