What Patients Are Saying About Dr. Mevorach

"Dr. Mevorach was so great with my daughter. She’s nine and I knew this was going to be a tough appointment for her. His easy-going, straight forward manner put us both at ease. I appreciated how he talked with her and helped her understand what she needed to do to stay healthy."

"We want to say a big thank you! Everyone was extremely helpful! Everything was well explained and everyone was so sweet. My expectations were very much exceeded! The wait was very minimal, everything was scheduled with the assistance of staff right in the office, friendly reminders were given via a live phone call and paper work was easy to understand. Let’s just say all of you are amazing! Please don’t change the way you work and operate the office. I have never been to a better doctor’s office!" 

"This was the best kid friendly atmosphere in a medical facility I have experienced yet! My son, 12 years old, was very nervous going to his appointment. Dr. Mevorach made it pleasant and fun for my son."

"Dr. Mevorach was so friendly and caring with my son and made him feel comfortable, and so did the other staff members."

"I loved how they made my kids feel comfortable; everyone was kid friendly and courteous.""Dr. Mevorach was very upfront with his recommendations and I felt like he presented the options that were best for my child and not just blanketed recommendations."

"This is the best bedside manner I’ve ever seen from a doctor. The way Dr. Mevorach interacted with my teenage son ended up being a bright spot in this situation."