Chesapeake Urology in the Community

One of our core values is to support and give back to our community. It’s why we created Reaching Out – our community outreach program.

Commitment to the Community is a Part of Everything We Do

Our mission drives every aspect of our organization. At Chesapeake Urology, we strive to make a positive difference in the life of every patient. One of our core values is to support and give back to the communities in which we serve.

We do so in several ways:
  • Prostate Cancer programs including free screenings, community awareness and education, as well as funding for research.
  • Community education programs which include our Chesapeake Urology scholarships with local schools and free community education seminars.
  • Employee engagement – All of our employees get involved in community activities through various company-sponsored events.

Employees Reaching Out

Through annual food and toy drives, community events, and volunteer work, our employees are committed to reaching out to our communities!

Employee Engagement

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