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Get Help for BPH:

 music button Sports Radio's Scott Garceau wants men to stay out of the bathroom and in their seats for the baseball game - get the right treatment for enlarged prostate/BPH.  LISTEN HERE.



Chesapeake Urology radio spots on WPOC - overactive bladder (OAB) in women:


music button Women's Health nurse practitioner, Sondra Barker, CRNP, discusses living with overactive bladder (OAB) and the help that is available at Chesapeake Urology. LISTEN HERE. 


music button Sondra Barker, CRNP, on how women can manage OAB symptoms thanks to the treatments available at Chesapeake Urology's OAB Program. LISTEN HERE. 


music button Jodi Berger, MPT, Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist, talks about the benefits of physical therapy as a first line treatment for women's OAB symptoms. LISTEN HERE. 


music button WPOC's Laurie DeYoung speaks about OAB and Chesapeake Urology's experienced incontinence specialists and advanced therapies for treating and managing OAB symptoms. LISTEN HERE. 


music button WPOC's Laurie DeYoung and Dr. Victoria Staiman talk about OAB in women and the options wmen have in managing symptoms for a better quality of life. LISTEN HERE. 


Chesapeake Urology radio spots on WPOC for Women's Personal Health Program and women's urologic and pelvic health conditions:


music buttonFemale urologist, Dr. Lisa Hawes, talks about Chesapeake Urology's Women's Personal Health Program, designed to provide a woman's care experience that offers complete solutions to health issues.  LISTEN NOW


music buttonDr. Lisa Hawes understands that talking about bladder pain can be difficult and sometimes embarrassing. Listen to her thoughts on why talking to a urologist at Chesapeake Urology's Women's Personal Health program is different, and easy. LISTEN NOW.


music buttonWhat is interstitial cystitis and how can the specialists at Chesapeake Urology help? Dr. Lisa Hawes explains...LISTEN NOW.


music buttonDr. Kelly Johnson is fellowship-trained in female urology. Dr. Johnson explains what this means and how fellowship training benefits her patients. LISTEN NOW.


music buttonChronic pelvic pain is a real problem for many women. Dr. Kelly Johnson addresses this often misunderstood, misdiagnosed condition and how the specialists at Chesapeake Urology can help. LISTEN NOW.


music buttonDr. Kelly Johnson talks about diagnosis for chronic pelvic pain. LISTEN NOW.


music buttonDr. Kelly Johnson discusses treatment options for chronic bladder pain affecting women including physical therapy. LISTEN NOW.