Comprehensive OAB Program for Women

woman on medicine ballRecognizing that overactive bladder (OAB) is a private yet all too common problem for many women living with its life altering symptoms, Chesapeake Urology introduced its new, comprehensive overactive bladder (OAB) program in 2015, focusing on the long term management of OAB symptoms in women. Chesapeake Urology is the only urology practice in the Mid-Atlantic region with such a comprehensive and full-service OAB program.  

One of the unique aspects of Chesapeake Urology’s OAB program is the treatment pathway, which follows a systematic approach to symptom management and is consistent with the American Urological Association’s  guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of OAB. This personalized treatment pathway includes first line therapies such as physical therapy and medication management, advanced diagnostics and evaluation as well as advanced therapies for hard to manage symptoms such as neuromodulation.

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Dedicated OAB Specialists Set Chesapeake Urology’s Program Apart

Chesapeake Urology’s OAB program is staffed by fellowship-trained continence specialists as well as dedicated female urology specialists. While most urologists help patients manage the symptoms of OAB, Chesapeake Urology’s OAB program offers the added benefit of OAB specialists experienced in the latest therapies for managing more complex cases. Additionally, an OAB care team including a dedicated patient navigator, works with each patient.

Chesapeake Urology’s comprehensive OAB program is part of the practice’s overall commitment to women’s urologic health.


Chesapeake Urology launched its new OAB Information Sessions and Interstim Workshops - Free educational sessions that meet the first Saturday of every month in 2015 and 2016. 

OAB information sessions are facilitated by our women's health nurse practitiner and OAB patient navigator, providing patients with education on OAB and its symptoms, effective symptom management and treatment options. 

Interstim workshops are designed to assist individuals with the neuromodulation device and how to properly use it to manage urinary urge. The workshop also introduces the treatment to individuals who may be interested in the therapy for the future. 

Click HERE to view the full list of upcoming dates and locations for 2016. 

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