Finally, Finding Relief from Chronic Testicular Pain

Fenig CroppedChris M. almost lost hope that he’d ever be free of chronic testicular pain (CTP) by the time he found his way to Chesapeake Urology and Dr. David Fenig (pictured right). Same with Scott D., who started having chronic testicular pain about one year after his vasectomy. What both of these men have in common is the one urologist who relieved them of their suffering. 

Chris says, "Dr. Fenig was my last hope. I don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t found him.”  

Find out how these men finally found relief for their chronic testicular pain thanks to the expertise of Dr. David Fenig.

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Few doctors actually understand chronic testicular pain (CTP) or how to effectively relieve the ongoing discomfort and pain men with CTP live with every day.

Dr. David Fenig is one of the few urologists in the Mid Atlantic region specially trained in a complex surgical procedure called microsurgical denervation of the spermatic cord, which has proven a highly effective treatment for CTP. 

When other treatments for CTP have failed, denervation of the spermatic cord, or "cord stripping,"  involves removing the tissue carrying small nerves in the spermatic cord, thus eliminating or reducing the nerves carrying pain signals. 

Because the procedure involves tiny and delicate nerves and structures, Dr. Fenig utilizes a special microscope to visualize the cord and the nerves with great magnification and clarity, also ensuring that the arteries to the testicle and lymphatics (drainage vessels) are left untouched. 

"This surgery, which has a high success rate and preserves the physiological function of the testes, is often life-changing for men whose chronic testicular pain has no known cause," says Dr. Fenig. 

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