Clinical Trials Provide Help and Hope to Millions

Clinical Trials Pave Way for Future Treatments, Provide Numerous Benefits to Patients

tutrone with vialThe largest urological research program in the nation, Chesapeake Urology Research Associates (CURA) is always on the forefront of new technologies to improve patient care. With over 60 active clinical trials, the CURA research team continues to focus on the development of new drugs, procedures, devices and surgical techniques to treat urologic disorders such as enlarged prostate, OAB, urinary incontinence and cancers of the prostate and bladder.

Research offered at CURA can improve a patient’s quality of life in ways which would not have been possible without  it.

Ronald Tutrone, M.D., urologist and CURA’s Medical Director (pictured), is passionate about the benefits that clinical trials bring to patients. He says, “My experience has been that patients truly enjoy participating in clinical trials because they are actually learning more about their disease, are actively engaged in the management of their own healthcare and have access to cutting edge technology that the public may not yet have.”

Participating in a clinical trial has many potential benefits. These include:

  • Access to the latest treatments before they are widely available.
  • Closer monitoring of your condition by expert medical professionals.
  • Improved medical knowledge that can benefit others.
  • Some of the drugs that are part of the clinical trials cost thousands of dollars a month. Through the trials, some patients who can’t afford these treatments are given access at no charge, along with those who are not insured or who are under-insured.
  • Patients receive enhanced care and help to better the lives of other patients through the information that is gathered.
  • Possible compensation for your time and reimbursement for extra services.


Participating in a clinical trial is completely voluntary, and a patient can decide to stop at any time. The experienced team at CURA is passionate about the positive impact of research on the future development of new therapies and is committed to ensuring all patients' comfort, care and safety throughout the clinical trial process. 

“The research team’s major focus is on the patient and doing what  will result in the best outcome for the patient. Above all, we want our patients to be safe and to experience an improved quality of life."

Dr. Ronald Tutrone

Extending Help and Hope to Millions Through Research

Clinical trial participants can feel good about potentially helping many other people, allowing investigators to gather vital information that helps the public with a wider understanding of the diseases and their treatments. Clinical research trials also provide patients who have failed other therapies access to potentially new and effective treatments, offering hope for the future treatment of a variety of conditions.

Consider, for example, patients with non-metastatic prostate cancer; few approved treatments are available to these patients until their condition worsens. However, by participating in a clinical trial, their cancer can be treated earlier, thus extending radiographic progression-free survival.  

The benefits that research has to offer to patients are far reaching. Patients have access to cutting-edge therapies prior to FDA approval and their availability to the general public. These treatments can be life changing especially to patients who have very serious cancer diagnoses and have exhausted all FDA approved therapies. 

Learn more about clinical trials, the CURA team and how to enroll in an active research study.

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