5 Truths About Vasectomy Reversal Every Man Should Know

Family -1003817__180Every year in the U.S. about 500,000 men undergo a vasectomy, one of the safest and most effective sources of permanent birth control. Many couples make the decision to go the vasectomy route when they feel their families are complete, while others have a vasectomy because they simply do not want children. Some men, however, later change their minds about having children, perhaps because they remarry and want to have a child with a new partner, or because life circumstances just change.

So when a man changes his mind, it’s good to know that he has the option of having a vasectomy reversal. Certainly not as common as vasectomy, men contemplating a vasectomy reversal are often unaware of the intricacies of this special procedure and where to even begin to search for a qualified surgeon.

For this reason, the specialists at the Vasectomy Reversal Center of America have compiled the top five facts that all men need to know about a vasectomy reversal:

It doesn’t matter how long it has been since you had a vasectomy.

At the Vasectomy Reversal Center of America, our surgeons have successfully reversed vasectomies for men who had theirs more than 15 or 20 years ago, and even longer. In fact, one of our physicians successfully reversed a vasectomy for a patient who had a vasectomy 35 years earlier and was not only a father already, but a grandfather! Our longest time interval between vasectomy and reversal is 42 years and this couple successfully conceived. What is most important for a successful vasectomy reversal is the skill and training of the surgeon.


A vasectomy reversal will NOT cause sexual dysfunction.

A vasectomy reversal will NOT cause sexual dysfunction. With vasectomy reversal, nothing is disrupted that is responsible for either testosterone production or an erection. Vasectomy reversal does not adversely affect erections, sexual desire, or the intensity of orgasm. Men everywhere can breathe a collective sigh of relief. 


It could take anywhere from three months to one year to get pregnant after a vasectomy reversal. 

Immediate conception following a vasectomy reversal is not a true reality. Depending on the type of vasectomy reversal a man needs, it can take anywhere from three months to one year for sperm to return to the ejaculate following the procedure. Every man is unique. Our specialists monitor a man’s semen analysis on a regular basis for up to one year or until sperm count stabilizes to help ensure optimal conditions to conceive a baby. 


There is a HUGE difference in success rates between a general urologist and a specially-trained microsurgeon when it comes to performing a vasectomy reversal.

The success rate of the general urologic surgeon is about 30 to 40 percent, while our fellowship-trained microsurgeons have vasectomy reversal success rates of over 90 percent. The only way to help ensure the success of a vasectomy reversal is for it to be performed microsurgically by a urologist who is a fellowship-trained male infertility specialist and who performs vasectomy reversals on a regular basis. The odds are certainly in your favor when you choose an experienced microsurgeon.

Cheaper is NOT better.

If you search for a vasectomy reversal specialist on the Internet, chances are you’ll see a wide range of experience and costs. It’s extremely important to understand that, like most things in life, you get what you pay for. Beware of surgeons who boast “low cost” vasectomy reversals. Many of these physicians may not be giving you the big picture when it comes to the cost of the procedure, which not only includes the surgeon’s fee, but the hospital or outpatient center’s fees and the cost for anesthesia. Do your research. Learn about the cost components of a vasectomy reversal.


At the Vasectomy Reversal Center of America, our goal is to help couples achieve their ultimate goal – successfully reversing a vasectomy to conceive a baby, naturally.  Schedule your consultation today – call us at  855.HAVE.A.BABY.  Visit the VRCA blog for more great information.