"Dr. Davalos is My Hero!"

What a Chesapeake Urology Kidney Stone Specialist Found Changed One Man’s Life 

E. Christmas had a 30+ year history of kidney stones. He had been through four different urologists who told him he just had to deal with the kidney stones because no one could figure out why his body was constantly producing the stones. Christmas, who also lives with a chronic kidney condition that prohibits him from taking over-the-counter pain medications such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen, just couldn’t take it anymore.

“Imagine the pain,” he said. “There was a period of two to three weeks where I passed about eight kidney stones without being able to take any pain medicine.” Frustrated with his circumstances, Mr. Christmas saved the stones he passed and was finally referred by his nephrologist to Julio Davalos, M.D. a kidney stone specialist at Chesapeake Urology.

The Doctor That Changed His Life

Mr. Christmas brought those kidney stones to Dr. Davalos hoping he wouldfinally find a way to escape his pain. After discussing his long history of kidney stones and having a thorough exam, Dr. Davalos analyzed the kidney stones and performed simple urine and blood tests. 

What he found would change Mr. Christmas’ life.

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                       Dr. Julio Davalos

“Dr. Davalos found that the stones I was producing were comprised of about 85 percent uric acid. I asked him what that meant because all I really cared about was if this was treatable!”

“Uric acid stones occur in only about 5 percent of kidney stone formers.  However, this is the one particular type of stone that can actually be dissolved inside the body - without the need for surgery,” said Dr. Davalos. He explained that uric acid stones only form if the urine pH (a measure of the acidity of the urine) is below 6.0. 

“It is very similar to the idea of water existing as rain or snow; once the temperature falls below freezing you get ‘crystal’ formation – or snow.  Similarly, when the urine pH falls below 6 the uric acid in the urine turns to crystal.  With the pH above 6 the uric acid turns back into a ‘liquid’.”

In order to dissolve the stones and keep them from forming, Mr. Christmas needed to raise the urine PH level and reduce the acidity. To accomplish this, Dr. Davalos prescribed potassium citrate, one of several different kind of medicines that can alkalinize the urine and help prevent the uric acid kidney stones from forming.

“Through the metabolic medical management of Mr. Christmas’ kidney stones, I’ve been able to keep him stone free for more than four years. That’s ZERO stones compared to the dozens of kidney stones he’s been producing every year for the past 30 plus years,” explained Dr. Davalos. “It’s certainly rewarding to be able to give patients like Mr. Christmas their quality of life back.”


“Dr. Davalos is My Hero”

“Dr. Davalos is truly my hero!” exclaimed Mr. Christmas, who had another follow up exam in early 2017. His urine PH levels remained normal and ultrasound showed no signs of kidney stones. After a lifetime of producing kidney stones and going through excruciating pain, Mr. Christmas finally has the stone free life he always hoped for.

“I couldn’t be happier, thanks to Dr. Davalos,” he said. “He really is my hero.”


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