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Welcome to Chesapeake Urology Associates - One of the premier urology practices in the U.S.

Welcome to Chesapeake Urology Associates of Maryland.  Not only are we one of three of the largest group practices in the country, but we are also one of the most friendly, expert and efficient group practices that you can find.  This site is dedicated to introduce ourselves to young physicians seeking to join a world-class urology practice that will be their path to a rewarding, successful and happy career.

Whether you have just finished your surgical and fellowship training and are looking for an excellent place to land or you have a number of years of practice under your belt and are considering a change, please take some time to learn about Chesapeake Urology and explore the many reasons that we could be the right clinical home for you.


Why Chesapeake Urology may be a good fit for you - Outstanding colleagues

Chesapeake Urology is the premier urology practice in Maryland and the Mid-Atlantic region and the third largest urology practice in the nation.  However, size is not what makes us great. The quality of our medical and professional staff has built our reputation and position as leaders in the field of urology.   

We are dedicated to clinical excellence and cutting edge research.  More than a dozen of our urologists have extensive fellowship training in areas such as male reproductive medicine, neurology/voiding dysfunction, endourology, laparoscopy, robotics and urologic oncology.  

Our physician staff is a blend of experienced urologists with long careers, numerous accolades and broad vision, who are here to mentor and support our up and coming, younger physicians, trained in the latest state-of-the-art techniques and filled with new ideas and passion.  Our nursing, research and support staff also are outstanding.



Learn more about why Chesapeake Urology is the right choice:

  • Geographic reach and locations
  • Community involvement
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Chesapeake Urology's Leaders
  • Physician Leadership and Clinical Excellence
  • Maryland life
  • Chesapeake Urology benefits


Our Commitment to Clinical Excellence 

Our commitment to Clinical Excellence includes:
  • Fully implemented Electronic Health Record
  • Fully implemented Medicare PQRI and ePrescribe
  • Dedicated Medical Officer
  • Dedicated Compliance Officer
  • Physician Oversight Committee
  • Monthly M&M and Grand Rounds
  • Journal Club
  • Physician Mentoring Program


Employee Satisfaction and Happiness 

We hope that by now you are getting the idea of what a fantastic place Chesapeake Urology Associates is to work.  We have more than 300 physicians and associates, and morale and satisfaction in all of our offices is very high; we offer excellent benefits, and we practice medicine in an efficient, effective manner that takes the burden of running the "business" of medicine off the shoulders of our urologists.  This model results in very high patient satisfaction, while ensuring that we have the time and resources to practice advanced urologic care with compassion.



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