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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’ve submitted a job application. What is the next step?

A: We are excited that you’re interested in working for Chesapeake Urology! When you submitted your application, you should have received a confirmation email that your
application was received by Chesapeake Urology. Once we’ve reviewed your qualifications, you’ll hear from us either via phone or email letting you know if we are interested in setting up a phone interview for the position you’ve applied for.

Q: Can I modify my application information at any time?

A: Yes! Using the username and password that you created, you can log in as a returning user to see your dashboard of positions you have applied for. You will notice under the
application tab that there is an “Update Application” button, allowing you to make any edits necessary.

Q: How can I check the status of my application?

A: Using your username and password that you created, you can log in as a returning user to see a dashboard of positions you have applied for. Here you will see whether your
application is complete as well as its status. The status you will see includes if the position is closed or if your application is no longer in consideration. If you see that your
application is complete and “Update Application” as your status, this means that your application is still being considered and someone from the recruiting team will be in
contact with you soon.

Q: What should I expect during the interview process?

A: There are multiple stages of the interview process, all tailored to the position. The steps of the process can include: a phone screen, in-person interviews (the number of
interviews is dependent on the position), and on occasion a shadow day with the office and department you have applied with.

Q: Can I submit my resume for general consideration rather than applying to a job?

A: To ensure that you are considered for a position that best fits your background and qualifications, we encourage you to apply directly to jobs you’re interested in.

Q: What does PRN/Per Diem mean?

A: This means that the position you are applying for is an “as needed” position. Meaning, the manager will contact someone in this type of role when they know they are going to be short-staffed and ask the employee to work. This status means there are no guaranteed number of hours you will work at any given time.

Q: Should I apply for multiple positions at Chesapeake Urology?

A: We encourage you to apply to those positions that you feel qualified for.

Q: May I contact the department manager directly for an interview or more information?

A: We ask that you do not contact the department manager directly for an interview or information regarding an open position. To be considered for a position, please fill out
an application on our website. Additional information regarding Chesapeake Urology and our open positions can be found on our website.

Q: Does Chesapeake Urology hire for summer and seasonal jobs?

A: While not as common, we do so on occasion, so feel free to keep an eye on our website for those opportunities!

Q: After applying online, how long will my resume remain in the database?

A: Our database holds resumes for 1 year.

Q: Why was my application denied?

A: Your application may have been denied for a number of reasons to include: the position may have been filled, put on hold or you may not meet the requirements necessary for
the position. We encourage all applicants to review the job posting fully to understand the responsibilities and experience our recruitment team is looking for before submitting an application.

Q: If I applied to multiple positions and received a denial email, does that mean I am no longer eligible for the other positions I applied to?

A: While you may not meet the requirements necessary for that position, it does not necessarily mean you do not meet the requirements for other positions you have
applied to. We send out emails for each individual position, therefore, you will receive a decision email for each of your applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

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