Urologic Conditions Treated at Chesapeake Urology

For life's most personal health issues, Chesapeake Urology has you covered 

As the region's largest urology practice, Chesapeake Urology provides the most comprehensive care for all urologic conditions. From more common urologic problems to the most complex cases, our team of specialists has your every need covered. Our depth of experience in all types of urologic conditions is just one reason why so many people turn to Chesapeake Urology for their care. 

Browse through this list of urologic conditions diagnosed and treated by the experts at Chesapeake Urology for education and information and then contact one of our specialists for the experienced care you need, and deserve. 


Conditions Treated at Chesapeake Urology Include:


Bladder cancer 


Bladder control (in women)

  Nocturia (adults)

Bladder stones 

  Overactive bladder (OAB) in women

BPH/Enlarged prostate 

  Pelvic organ prolapse

Chronic pelvic pain (men) 

  Penile cancer

Chronic pelvic pain (women) 

  Peyronnie’s disease

Chronic testicular pain 

  Prostate cancer



Difficulty urinating 

  Testicular cancer

Elevated PSA 

  Testicular Torsion


  Undescended testicle

Erectile dysfunction 

  Urethral strictures

Female sexual health 

  Urinary incontinence (men)


  Urinary incontinence (women)

Interstitial cystitis 

  Urinary tract infection (men)

Kidney cancer 

  Urinary tract infection (women)

Kidney stones 

  Urologic cancer

Low testosterone 

  Uterine fibroids

Male infertility 


Male sexual health 


Neurogenic bladder 

  Vasectomy reversal