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When to Seek Medical Care for Chronic Testicular Pain

It is never too soon to seek help for chronic testicular pain (CTP) because most conditions that cause CTP can be diagnosed and treated. The longer you wait to be treated, the more time and quality of life you are sacrificing. Sometimes, chronic testicular pain goes away on its own, but there is no way to predict if it will go away, or when it may return.

Sudden testicular pain can signal an emergency and may be a dangerous condition. For sudden testicular pain, seek medical help immediately.

The physicians at Chesapeake Urology understand what men with chronic testicular pain are going through. No matter what type of testicular pain you are experiencing, it is important to be seen as soon as possible and to undergo a thorough physical evaluation that will help determine the origin of the pain and the appropriate treatment plan for you.

Diagnosing Chronic Testicular Pain

Your urologist will perform a careful, methodical physical examination, which will include your abdomen, testicles, scrotum, and rectum. Laboratory tests such as a blood test and urinalysis may also be performed. A diagnostic test known as a scrotal ultrasound, which is a non-invasive test that uses sound waves, is done to evaluate the blood flow to the testicle and is helpful in diagnosing other conditions such as a hernia, a tumor or an infection that can be a contributing factor to CTP.

Pain From Other Sources

It is very important to rule out any correctable sources of testicular pain aside from the testicles. For example, some men experience testicular pain because of a slipped disc or other spinal problem. At Chesapeake Urology, our urologists carefully evaluate our patients to make sure there are no other correctable causes connected to their chronic testicular pain. When CTP is discovered to be the result of another medical problem, your urologist will refer you to the proper specialist and work closely with that physician to help resolve your pain.

Learn about the advanced treatment – denervation of the spermatic cord here.

There is Help for Men with Chronic Testicular Pain.


Melissa Mendez, M.D.

Melissa Mendez


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