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September 10, 2018:  Notice to Chesapeake Urology Patients Regarding the Patient Portal Transition from Medfusion to Follow My Health

We are transitioning our current patient portal provider, Medfusion, to a new and improved provider, Follow My Health. This change will provide our patients with a better experience through a more comprehensive and easy-to-navigate electronic health record system.

What is happening to my Medfusion Portal service?

Starting Monday, September 10th, Chesapeake Urology transitioned to a new patient portal service from Follow My Health.  Your portal will continue to be branded as My Chesapeake Urology. This means that your current patient portal system, Medfusion, will be phased out.

What will happen to my current Medfusion account?

Your Medfusion account will remain active for you to view any previous lab results, summary of visits, or interactions you have had with our staff.  All "new" messaging, requests, and scheduling capabilities within Medfusion ended on Friday, September 6th.  Therefore, you will no longer be able to request appointments with Chesapeake Urology, send messages, or receive any new messages within the Medfusion portal.

When can I switch to Chesapeake Urology's new Follow My Health patient portal?

Chesapeake Urology will be sending you an email invitation to join the new My Chesapeake Urology Follow My Health portal service.  You will receive your invitation as early as Monday 9/10, but it is possible it could take a week or more to make it to your personal email's inbox.  If you have not received your invite the week of September 10th, and don't want to wait to join the new Follow My Health portal, please call our Portal Support Team at 443-738-8095 and they will send a personalized invitation to you immediately.

What can I expect from the new Follow My Health portal?

The My Chesapeake Urology patient portal through Follow My Health will allow you the same ability to message our medical team, schedule appointments, and request refills.  In  addition to that you will be able to directly message our billing department and have access to your records in a more organized and easier to follow format.  Beyond that, this new platform will allow for greater functionality in your electronic medical record experience. In addition to the same features you have grown to rely on from My Chesapeake Urology, you can expect future releases of direct appointment scheduling and even video appointments (i.e. Telehealth). You can expect the same level of prompt and personalized care from your family here at Chesapeake Urology.