Chesapeake Urology Celebrates Nurses During National Nurses Week

Published On: 05/12/2017

Nurses Week Logo Download -Color (300x 180)National Nurses Week is celebrated annually, beginning May 6, designated as National Nurses Day, and ending May 12, the birthday of Florence Nightingale, regarded as the founder of modern professional nursing.  The week provides an opportunity to highlight and appreciate the many contributions nursing make to their patients, the profession and improving the nation’s health. 

As the largest occupation in the health care field, there are over 3 million registered nurses in the United States. Their work with direct patient care is integral to hospitals, clinics and health care organizations, as well as in leadership roles as administrators, policymakers, researchers and educators. 

Chesapeake Urology nurses are the cornerstone of our 15 Summit Ambulatory Surgical Centers, providing support to the patients receiving care through the 30,000 surgical procedures performed each year! 

Chesapeake Urology nurses and Summit staff celebrated their special week with camaraderie and a dinner in their honor, one at the Charles Village Pub and one at Nick’s Seafood House. 

For their tireless dedication to patient care, safety and innovation, we thank all of our CUA nurses.  Thank you for all you do every day to exemplify the core values of CUA:

Alexandria J. Richburg; Allison Scherer; Amy Lassack; Ashley N. Bell; Ashley Stull; Barbara Haren; Barbara Reinard; Beatrice Muma; Betsy Drussell; Brianna M. Timm; Brianne Le Moigne; Brigida Walston; Cara Porrino; Carol A. Jackson; Catherine Sines; Cathy A. Everly; Christina Phillips; Christine L. Neas; Claire Mills; Courtney K. Cowan; Denise L. Riccardi; Denise R. Snead; Dennis A. Cignatta; Donna Patterson; Donna Sollers; Elaine Carroll; Ellen Schmidt; Emily N. Reider; Erica Maytas; Evelyn Hickman; Heather Allison; Heather N. Soboleski; Holly A. Rinker; Jacqueline Milwicz; Janette Class; Joanne Jones; Jocelyn H. Anderson; Jodi N. Peters; Joyce Franklin; Kallie Hajiantoni; Karen L. Dodd; Katherine Jones; Kathy Bindel; Kathy Kelly; Kimberly R. Purnell; Kristin L. Sullivan; Kristy Zelaya; Lisa Colburn; Lisa D. Zarachowicz; Maria S. Tkaczuk; Mary Quaranta; Melissa L. Scholnick; Michele Norton; Monte T. Soltas; Nancy P. Fafaul; Nancy W. Teasley; Noelle J. Kokinakis; Olga Firstbrook; Pamela Colburn-Geller; Patricia Kelbaugh; Quaker A. Twigg; Samantha A. Broadwick; Sandra Howard; Sarah Dedmon; Sharon M. Asbury; Sondra Barker; Stacey Gaines; Stacy A. Plasse; Stacy M. Weiser; Stacy Walls; Sue Barnard; Sue Spurlock; Sue Steel; Susan Lanman; Theresa Burke; Vicki Lynne Johnston; Wendy Greene.