Published On: 05/05/2016


Scholarship Enables Students in Need to Pursue Higher Education Dreams

Chesapeake Urology Associates Scholarship Fund has provided more than just financial assistance for area students pursuing careers in the medical field; it has helped more than two dozen students to pursue their passions and dreams since its inception in 2006. In fact, one student was able to pursue her nursing degree and her dream of improving healthcare in low-income neighborhoods and another student, who dreams of delivering the safest and most effective anesthesia care to under-served communities, went on to pursue his doctor of nursing practice degree in a nurse anesthesia program. 

“We established the Chesapeake Urology Associates Scholarship Fund in conjunction with Central Scholarship 10 years ago as a way to give back to our young people who are the future of healthcare in Maryland and in this country,” said Sanford Siegel, M.D., President and CEO of Chesapeake Urology. “Chesapeake Urology was founded on the promise of helping people - our patients, families and our surrounding communities. By providing scholarships to students going into the medical field, we’re continuing our deep commitment to giving back and community service. It’s been amazing to see so many young men and women achieve their dreams with the help of our scholarship.”

Since the first year of funding in 2006, the Chesapeake Urology Associates Scholarship Fund has helped 26 students afford higher education and subsequently pursue a career in the medical field. Nine students received consecutive-year awards, helping to ease the financial burden these students face.


Four Scholarship Recipients for 2015 Getting Ready to Graduate

In 2015, four recipients each were awarded scholarships of $5,000 each, completing a $20,000 annual commitment.

  • Kelly Cagle will graduate from the accelerated 13-month nursing program at Johns Hopkins University in 2016. Kelly plans to utilize her BSN degree to focus on process improvement and quality control within the medical field.  
  • Stephanie Cerritos, an honors student at the University of Maryland, will graduate with her bachelor’s degree in biology in May 2016 and looks forward to working with people to help them in their time of need.
  • Ashley Lippert is currently in Johns Hopkins University 13-month accelerated nursing program and she hopes to work with patients in the pediatric emergency department after graduating.
  • Selene Mejia, a health science major at Towson University, will graduate with her bachelor’s degree in 2016. She looks forward to one day becoming a great physician assistant. 


The Chesapeake Urology Associates Scholarship Fund provides assistance to full-time students pursuing degrees in medicine, nursing and ancillary health fields. Scholarships of up to $5,000 are awarded each academic year through Central Scholarship. Recipients are selected based on demonstrated commitment to the medical field, financial needs and academic achievement.

Students interested in learning more about the application process should visit the Central Scholarship website -