Published On: 12/16/2016

Julio Davalos, M.D., one of the nation’s leaders in large kidney stone surgery, and counterpart Joel E. Abbott, D.O., are the only kidney stone surgeons in the U.S. to perform the innovative, minimally invasive technique known as tubeless percutaneous nephrolithotomy or tubeless PCNL as an outpatient procedure in an ambulatory surgery center.

Tubeless PCNL is a complex technique to remove large kidney stones that requires surgical precision and advanced surgical skills. Percutaneous refers to a minimally invasive surgical technique performed via a small incision through the skin, rather than an open, more invasive procedure. Drs. Davalos and Abbott employ a special method to gain renal access, utilizing CT imaging and real time fluoroscopy mapping techniques to ensure the most successful removal of the large kidney stone. Unlike traditional PCNL surgery, there are no drainage tubes in the kidney after the procedure, which offers patients important advantages including:

  • A small incision compared to open surgery
  • Less post-operative pain
  • Fewer post-surgical complications
  • A quicker recovery than traditional open surgery to remove kidney stones

 Drs. Davalos and Abbott are the only surgeons in the U.S. who perform the tubeless PCNL procedure as a same-day surgery (called ambulatory tubeless PCNL) for many patients, eliminating costly hospital stays and allowing patients to recover in the comfort of their homes. 


High Success Rate

In addition, Dr. Davalos has a stone-free success rate for ambulatory tubeless PCNL of close to 100 percent, another significant advantage for patients who have not had success with other treatments for large kidney stones.


More than 1,700 PCNL and Tubeless PCNL Surgeries Performed

One of the country’s foremost experts in large kidney stone treatment and director of Chesapeake Urology’s advanced kidney stone program, Dr. Julio Davalos has performed more than 1,200 PCNL cases and more than 500 tubeless PCNL surgeries, making him one of the busiest and most experienced large kidney stone surgeons in the country. Dr. Abbott, associate director of Chesapeake Urology’s advanced kidney stone program, works closely with Dr. Davalos in performing tubeless PCNL and ambulatory tubeless PCNL for the treatment and removal of large kidney stones. He specializes in endourology and minimally invasive surgical techniques, including robotics and laparoscopy, and completed fellowship training in endourology/laparoscopy.


Leading One of the Region’s Most Comprehensive Large Kidney Stone Programs

Dr. Davalos believes strongly in treating the whole patient, focusing on what caused the kidney stone to form in the first place and how to prevent stones from recurring after treatment or surgical removal. In addition to delivering comprehensive diagnosis, advanced surgical treatment and medical management of large and complex kidney stones, Drs. Davalos and Abbott also incorporate comprehensive metabolic medical management of kidney stones into overall patient care.

"The surgical treatment of a patient's kidney stone is just the beginning of a long relationship," says Dr. Julio Davalos. "My goal is to get all patients 100% stone free, and keep them that way for the long term."

Drs. Davalos and Abbott see patients in Chesapeake Urology’s newly opened 17,000 square foot Hanover, Md. office location which includes a 7,329 square foot, state-of-the-art Summit Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) with two technologically advanced operating rooms. The ASC is staffed by surgical nurses specially trained in the PCNL procedures, providing patients with superior care before and after surgery.

To learn more about the breakthrough ambulatory tubeless PCNL procedure for removing large kidney stones, visit or call (877) 744-8590.