Infertile Couples Should Analyze Male Infertility First

Published On: 08/10/2009

BALTIMORE, MD, AUGUST 10, 2009...Male factor infertility is more common than couples realize.  It comprises 50 percent of cases in which a couple is infertile.  For this reason, The Male Fertility and Sexuality Group of Chesapeake Urology Associates, led by Dr. Karen Elizabeth Boyle, recommends a new approach to diagnose and analyze a couple's infertility:  explore the male factor component fist.

The initial male factor evaluation is easy, since it consists of a semen analysis.  "The semen analysis is the first test obtained in a couples' infertility evaluation - it is cost effective and non-invasive.  The important thing is that when the semen analysis is abnormal, meaning that there is a low sperm count or low motility, that man needs a referral to a male infertility specialist for evaluation and examination."

A male infertility evaluation enables him to have a full medical workup that includes making sure that no significant co-morbid disease is present (for example, hormonal problems or cancers).  Six percent of men with infertility symptoms have these other health issues.   

Men deserve the opportunity to be evaluated, treated and counseled, as many of the problems adversely affecting fertility can be treated, such as hormonal issues, varicocele repair and ejaculation difficulties.  "Men who are found with a low sperm count may have a varicocele that is responsible for the problem with fertility, and by fixing the varicocele microsurgically, we can significantly improve semen parameters in over 80 percent of men.  This means that couples who might have needed in-vitro fertilization may only need intrauterine insemination, or even be able to conceive naturally," says Dr. Boyle.

"For men with severe testicular dysfunction and a problem with sperm production, advanced microsurgical procedures are available to give men who otherwise wouldn't be able to conceive genetically-similar children the ability to do so."

CUA - Background on Leaders in Male Infertility Treatment:

Chesapeake Urology Associates (CUA) is the Mid-Atlantic's premier practice for male fertility and sexuality, and the largest group of male fertility specialists in the nation.  The Male Fertility and Sexuality Group has more than 40 years of combined experience in evaluating and treating couples for male infertility, and is composed of three male infertility specialists:  Director Dr. Karen Elizabeth Boyle and Associate Directors Dr. M. David Fenig and Dr. Brad D. Lerner.  The trio trained at Baylor College of Medicine with world-famous male infertility specialist Dr. Larry Lipschultz.   In the early 1990s, Dr. Lerner became the first urologist in Maryland to perform a surgical procedure to enable a partially paralyzed man to father a child.   Over more than two decades, he has helped thousands of men become fathers, and, now, the trio of expert male infertility specialists continues that tradition.