Chesapeake Urology Recognizes Lab Professionals During National Lab Week

Published On: 04/26/2017

Medical Laboratory Professionals Week annually celebrates laboratory professionals and pathologists who play a vital role in every aspect of health care. Since they often work behind the scenes, few people know about the critical testing they perform every day. To ensure the highest quality of diagnosis for  patients, Chesapeake Urology has a state-of-the-art laboratory specializing in uropathology, under the direction of Dr. Tehmina Z. Ali, a fellowship-trained urologic pathologist who is nationally known in her field. Uropathology is a unique specialization and only a few laboratories in Maryland are under the direction of specialty trained uropathologists.

Chesapeake Urology’s Uropathology service offers the most technologically advanced testing available and the very best pathology analysis - making the turnaround time for results fast and direct. Patients appreciate not having long wait times for lab results from an outside independent lab. Our quality assurance is unparalleled and patients can confidently rely on their results and diagnosis, which lead to the best possible treatment and management of their disease by our urologists.

The Most Accurate Diagnosis

Chesapeake Urology's Uropathology services is dedicated to the most accurate diagnosis of conditions of all the urologic organs, including prostate cancer, kidney disease and bladder cancer.

The Know Error® system utilizes bar coding, forensic principles and DNA Specimen Provenance Assay (DSPA) testing to confirm that surgical biopsy samples being evaluated belong exclusively to the patient being diagnosed, and further confirm tissue specimens are free from contamination which can otherwise confound Biomarker Test results.

This system, which applies the same forensic principles used in law enforcement and criminal investigation to compare and match DNA profiles, has been integrated within Chesapeake Urology’s uropathology lab to deliver enhanced patient safety and diagnostic accuracy to the biopsy process. Strand Diagnostics’ DSPA test (or DNA match) uses a buccal swab-to-biopsy tissue comparison to rule out the possibility of cancer misdiagnosis due to specimen contamination errors and confirms the cancer diagnosis is ascribed to the correct patient.

Chesapeake Urology’s Pathology Lab team is led by Dr. Tehmina Ali and includes: Walter Benton, Anita Talley, Bonnie Dixon, Bonnie Williamson, Candace Christal, Deborah Hill, Denicia Moore, Heather Sabaka, Hillary Epstein, Jamie Atencio, Juliana Deluca, Jesi Oswiecimka, John Murone, John Tran, Louise Kirby, Marie Quansah and Tracey Hagens.