Published On: 01/25/2017

Innovative Therapy Proves Safe and Effective for Many Living with this Chronic, Life Altering Condition

 Individuals living with chronic bowel incontinence may benefit from a unique treatment, traditionally used for overactive bladder, that is now proving highly effective in treating bowel incontinence. Sacral neuromodulation therapy addresses the breakdown in communication between the sacral nerves (which control bowel and bladder function) and the brain that is a leading cause of incontinence issues. FDA-approved for treating bowel incontinence, neuromodulation therapy is improving the lives of countless individuals with the chronic bowel condition. The continence specialists at Chesapeake Urology are now offering this proven technology to treat patients with bowel incontinence who have failed more conservative treatments for a condition that is often life altering.

What is Bowel Incontinence?

Bowel incontinence is the inability to control bowel movements. Individuals with this condition experience leakage of stool when passing gas or even a frequent and strong urge to have a bowel movement that comes on suddenly, or a combination of both. Patients are diagnosed and treated by a gastroenterologist (GI); however, when conservative treatments have not been successful at controlling the condition, GI doctors throughout the region can now refer patients to one of Chesapeake Urology’s continence specialists for evaluation for neuromodulation, or InterStim® therapy. 

How Neuromodulation Therapy Works for Treating Bowel Incontinence

Neuromodulation therapy is a safe and effective treatment option when first line treatments have failed. InterStim neuromodulation therapy uses a small neurotransmitter device that can be compared to a pacemaker. The small device is surgically implanted into the lower back. The neuromodulation device sends mild electrical impulses to modulate the sacral nerves, helping the nerves regulate bowel function and diminish symptoms of bowel incontinence including leakage of liquid and solid stools. Utilizing this therapy, many patients experience improvement in bowel incontinence symptoms.

Specialized training in performing neuromodulation therapy is vital to a patient’s success. Chesapeake Urology’s highly skilled team including urologic surgeons specially trained in the implantation and operation of the neuromodulation device, as well as a nurse navigator and support staff to educate patients on how to effectively utilize the device to achieve relief from bowel incontinence symptoms. Working in coordination with the patient’s gastroenterologist, Chesapeake Urology’s continence team guides patients throughout the treatment experience to ensure optimal outcomes and improved quality of life.

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