Published On: 11/13/2018

Towson office consolidates five patient offices into one for the most comprehensive care

Nov. 12, 2018 - Chesapeake Urology put the finishing touches on its newly expanded and redesigned office in Towson, effectively consolidating several patient offices and ambulatory surgical centers into one larger, technologically advanced and aesthetically designed location. Located in Towson on the GBMC campus on the fifth and sixth floors of the Physicians Pavilion North (Tulip Park), the new location expands Chesapeake Urology’s ability to serve more patients as well as provide a broader scope of comprehensive care.

On November 12, the consolidation of Chesapeake Urology’s offices formerly located in the Ruxton Professional Center, in the O’Dea Medical Building, on the campus of Good Samaritan Hospital, in the Physician Pavilion North building on GBMC’s campus, and at 25 Crossroads Drive, was completed.

 In addition to the medical office, the fifth floor of the new Towson office also includes The Vasectomy Reversal Center of America, the Chesapeake Aesthetic Surgery Center, Chesapeake Urology Research Associates (CURA), as well as the Chesapeake Urology Infusion Therapy Center (Suite 650).  The entire sixth floor houses Chesapeake Urology’s Summit Ambulatory Surgery Center, which features a state-of-the art operating room and six procedure rooms.

New Space Designed For Patient Comfort 

The new patient office space on the fifth floor of the building was designed with patient flow and comfort in mind, featuring pods to provide areas for private consultation, exam rooms, research, ultrasound, and physician office space. Warm, soft colors throughout provide an inviting atmosphere. Upon arrival, patients and guests are greeting warmly at a general reception desk and directed to the appropriate check-in and check-out areas. The new office was designed to provide patients with a smooth process and an excellent overall experience. 

“This move will not only allow us to enhance all of our existing clinical care programs but will also allow us to offer additional programs and processes that will be beneficial to all,” said Brad D. Lerner, MD, FACS, President of Chesapeake Urology and Clinical Director of the group’s  Summit Ambulatory Surgical Centers.  “The presence of specialists, generalists, research personnel, and ancillary services under one roof, along with ready access to additional supportive clinical services at our new Towson office, will improve the delivery of care to patients.”

The successful consolidation and move to the new office in Towson was a result of many months of planning and teamwork with multiple departments and staff members playing a leading role in the opening and transition.