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January 23, 2018, marks the 13th anniversary of the very first robotic prostatectomy performed in a Baltimore community hospital. In 2005, Daniel D. Dietrick, M.D., a urologist with Chesapeake Urology, performed the first da Vinci™ robotic prostatectomy at a community hospital in Maryland and has performed more than 1,000 successful robotic prostatectomies since then.

“The introduction of robotic prostatectomy was a significant step forward in the surgical treatment of prostate cancer,” said Dr. Dietrick, who currently serves as Chesapeake Urology’s Chief Value Officer. “In 2005, robotic surgery was a groundbreaking alternative to traditional open surgery and conventional laparoscopy approaches to remove the prostate in men with early-stage prostate cancer. Today, robotic capabilities remain innovative and beneficial to our patients, enabling surgeons to perform radical prostatectomy through very small incisions with unmatched precision, and better outcomes for men.”

Since the first robotic prostatectomy was performed locally by Dr. Dietrick in 2005, the popularity of the procedure has grown exponentially due to its effectiveness, minimally invasive approach, and positive outcomes. The robotic-assisted surgery offers patients many benefits including fewer post-surgical complications, a shorter hospital stay, quicker recovery, and less pain compared to open surgery.

Chesapeake Urology’s Prostate Cancer Care Program is a comprehensive, patient-centered program that provides a continuum of care, from diagnosis through treatment and recovery. The team of fellowship-trained urologists and prostate cancer specialists offers the most advanced, innovative treatments to combat the disease that affects about one in seven men, including access to clinical trials and support programs.

To learn more about Chesapeake Urology’s Prostate Cancer Care Program and robotic prostatectomy, visit: https://prostatecancer.chesapeakeurology.com/.


About Daniel D. Dietrick, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Dr. Daniel D. Dietrick is a senior physician with Chesapeake Urology.  His interest in cancer treatment began in the 1980s with his work at the National Cancer Institute and continued through his years on the clinical faculty of Stanford Medical Center and the Johns Hopkins University Department of Urology. Prior to performing the first robotic-assisted radical prostatectomy at a Maryland community hospital in 2005, Dr. Dietrick has been performing traditional open prostatectomies for 15 years. He also served as Prostate Chair of the Maryland Chapter of the American Cancer Society and was awarded one of the first Young Leaders in Urology awards of the American Urological Association.  Dr. Dietrick served as Chief, Department of Surgery at the University of Maryland St. Joseph Medical Center for eight years and currently serves as the hospital’s President of the Medical Staff.  In 2010, he was inducted into The Healing Hands Guild by the University of Maryland St. Joseph Medical Center. Dr. Dietrick is certified by the American Board of Urology.

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