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Jonathan Rubenstein, MD, Receives AUA’s Burgess Gordon Memorial Award

Jonathan Rubenstein, MDMarch 23, 2022 — Jonathan Rubenstein, MD, a urologist with Chesapeake Urology Associates who also serves as the American Urological Association (AUA)’s CPT Advisor, was recently honored with the Burgess Gordon Memorial Award, an annual award given by the CPT Editorial Panel honoring a CPT Advisor for outstanding service. The Burgess Award represents a major recognition of Dr. Rubenstein by his peers on the CPT Editorial Panel and American Medical Association staff.

“The team and I at the AUA are proud to help support the CPT process and the maintenance and advancement of the CPT code set, which allows practitioners across the entire United States to properly and accurately code for the work and procedures that they perform,” said Dr. Rubenstein, who serves as both the Chair of the Coding and Reimbursement Committee of the American Urological Association and as the AUA’s CPT Advisor.

CPT, which stands for “Current Procedural Terminology,” are the codes used for reporting medical procedures in the U.S.  According to Dr. Rubenstein, The CPT Editorial Panel is responsible for maintaining the CPT code set. The CPT Advisory Committee supports the CPT Editorial Panel in its work and is made up of over 180 physicians and other qualified healthcare professionals nominated by their respective national medical specialty societies.

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