What Patients are Saying about Dr. Andrew Shapiro

"Dr. Shapiro was understanding and gave me plenty of information to make my care decisions. We feel very lucky to have Dr. Shapiro as our physician. He answers all of my questions and doesn't make me feel bad for asking. He has a wonderful bedside manner, very caring and compassionate. He knew I would be very anxious about my procedure and as busy as he was that day, he made sure that I got back in that same day so I could be at ease."

"Dr. Shapiro is a very compassionate doctor. I feel so fortunate to have him as my urologist! He allows my acupuncturist to come in and help me through my catheter changes. This really helps my anxiety, pain, and helps to calm my autonomic nervous system and bladder."

"Dr. Shapiro is a very caring and dedicated doctor. I feel so fortunate to be his patient because he looks at the whole person and figures out what is in their best interest. I have a lot of confidence in Dr. Shapiro because of this."