What Patents Are Saying About Dr. Arrison

"This was the first time in my adult life that I needed to see a urologist, and the staff here made it easy to make an appointment and be seen. Dr. Arrison was incredibly friendly, knowledgeable, and compassionate with my situation. He treated me as if I had been his patient for years. Dr. Arrison also was extremely prompt in his follow up to my lab results, and instead of e-mailing me, he personally called me to go over my results. I hope I do not need to return; but if I do, I will absolutely schedule my next appointment with Dr. Arrison."

"The staff is very friendly and treated me with respect. Dr. Arrison greeted me warmly and asked about any problems I have had since my last visit. We discussed an issue I was having and he offered different therapies available. Dr. Arrison also called me a few days later with results of a test result and ordered medication that would help with my issue."

"Dr. Arrison took great care to call me back, even though I was unable to answer his call on the first attempt."

"Dr. Arrison is very attentive and personally follows up. Also he has a more gentle approach than other urologists."

"Dr. Arrison was excellent; very thorough and understanding. Conveyed competence and explained everything in a concise, direct, understandable way."

"Dr. Arrison and his staff were excellent. He is attentive and made me feel at ease."

" Dr. Arrison was very kind and likeable; made an uncomfortable situation better."

"Dr. Arrison is truly professional in all ways."

"Dr. Arrison is always on time and thorough."

"Dr. Arrison was amazing! He helped me out tremendously! I have complete confidence in Dr. Arrison."

"Dr. Arrison is fantastic; I would highly recommend him to everyone. The staff is so polite."

"Dr. Arrison is a wonderful doctor!"

"Dr. Arrison is outstanding!"

"Dr. Arrison was courteous, clear in his diagnosis, and left me with a feeling of comfort at the end of the appointment."

"I very much like the way Dr. Arrison talks with you, making you extremely comfortable in talking with him. I felt I could put a lot of faith and trust in him."

"He was very nice if I have any more problems he is the one I want to see."

"Dr. Arrison is great. He made me feel comfortable and encouraging about my condition and provided sufficient information to put me at ease."

"Dr. Arrison gives clear, excellent, knowledgeable explanations."

"Dr. Arrison is wonderful.  Convenient location, competent and compassionate staff that did not treat me like a number, but took the time I needed to learn about my condition and options, and clean office suite."

"Dr. Arrison explained everything very thoroughly and was pleasant and professional."

"I am very impressed with Dr. Arrison. He explains things well in layman’s terms and he does not seem to be rushed to get on to the next patient. He answers questions directly and thoroughly!"

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