What Patients Are Saying About Dr. Fenig

"One of the best things about Dr. Fenig is his bedside manner; I’ve never seen anything like it in another doctor! He makes sure you are comfortable in your decision and after the procedure, he followed up with us every month, calling to see how we were doing and to follow up on lab results. He really cared.  It was the most pleasant experience. Dr. Fenig was amazing."

- S.L., Vasectomy Reversal patient

"Such a WONDERFUL GUY. Knowledgeable, humble, courteous and above all a HUMAN. I am proud of him.

- Raja, patient

 "Dr. Fenig is a very thorough and highly-qualified doctor who has an outstanding bedside manner. He treats his patients with respect and sincerity. His practices are patient driven and he’s very caring."

- Patient treated for prostatitis and enlarged prostate

"Peyronie’s disease made it very tough for my wife and I to be intimate. After initial treatment with injections did not work, Dr. Fenig and I discussed the option of surgery. It was a very anxious time for me, but Dr. Fenig was very compassionate and understanding about what I was going through and made the situation less anxiety-filled considering what needed to be done.

After the surgery, it was about three or four months before things were back to normal, but this was expected. In the end, everything turned out very well. The results were better than I had anticipated.

For any man going through same situation, I would strongly recommend surgery with Dr. Fenig not just because of the good outcome, but also because of his great bedside manner."

- A.F., Peyronies disease patient

“Dr. Fenig is so passionate about his work. We were told that vasectomy reversal had very little chance of success after 10 years, but Dr. Fenig put all that concern to rest. Five months after the vasectomy reversal, we called Dr. Fenig to let him know there would be no reason to give another sperm sample as we were pregnant! We now have our eight-month old son who is a blessing every single day. We can’t thank you enough, Dr. Fenig, for your part in giving that to us!”

- Vasectomy reversal patient

“Erectile dysfunction was a bit of a surprise to me when I began a new relationship. I tried oral medications for ED but they just weren’t effective. I was certainly disappointed these medications didn’t work and didn’t know what other options were available to me. Then I went to see Dr. David Fenig and he suggested I start on penile injections. 

Dr. Fenig provided me with the ED treatment that has allowed my relationship to blossom. I give Dr. Fenig the credit for giving me a new start in life. I’ll be grateful for his care forever and think of him as a friend, not just my doctor.”  

- Erectile Dysfunction patient

"I had a complex history of health issues and low testosterone. When my wife and I decided to start a family, I sought out a doctor who could check my fertility and manage my low testosterone. Dr Fenig took me off testosterone and put me on HCG.  My sperm count went up and down for about a year. Dr. Fenig stuck with me and said, ‘We’re going to make this work.’ He acted like he didn’t have any doubts. He gave me confidence.  Someone else would have given up on me. I saw other doctors about my fertility who weren’t really sure what to do. Dr. Fenig worked with me to resolve it. He was steadfast."

- Male infertility and low testosterone patient