What Patents Are Saying About Dr. Abramowitz

"Dr. Abramowitz uses easy-to-understand language, communicates well, very personable & easy to talk to."

"Excellent physician care."

"Dr. Abramowitz is very kind and compassionate. He really has a good manner about him. He shares information willingly."

"I am totally satisfied with my physician, Dr. Leslie Abramowitz. He is very caring and compassionate."

"Dr. Les is a God-send. I am so blessed to have him as my doctor."

"I absolutely have the best doctor! Dr. Abramowitz is wonderful."

"I asked for my lab results before the visit and Dr. Abramowitz called me twice to give them to me. Very impressive."

"I really like Dr. Abramowitz and his medical assistant associates. Consummately professional, polite, patient and caring."

"Dr. Abramowitz is the best. He is very concerned, knowledgeable and explains the problem."

"LOVE Dr. Abramowitz! He is the best."

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