What Patients are Saying About Dr. Kurnot

"Eight years ago, Dr. Kurnot removed my cancerous prostate. His care has been EXCELLENT. He is VERY knowledgeable and was always thorough. He was also compassionate and remembered my case. He always asks about my family and is always very helpful."

"Dr Kurnot did a TURP for me in Sept 2017 after a failed Green Light laser attempt by another surgeon a couple years ago. Dr. Kurnot is a very highly rated urologic surgeon by Checkbook.org. Everything went very smoothly. NO surprises. He's a straight shooter -knows TURP's like the back of his hand. I wanted a TURP because they last the longest. I heard about him from another guy that had him do a TURP some years ago who was also quite satisfied. Now my BPH problem and symptoms are COMPLETELY CURED and the only side effect is retro-ejaculation that the doc told me to expect."