What Patients are Saying About Dr. Ryan Cleary

"A huge Thank you to Dr. Ryan Cleary! I am a 51 year old male that was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer, spring of 2018. I was numb for weeks trying to digest the news. I get colds and on occasion a fever. I have never had a serious illness or needed surgery. As I made my rounds to consult with the various specialists, I met with Dr. Cleary. He sensed that I was nervous, and provided comfort by explaining that this cancer was a bump in the road, and I will be up and active again very soon. As I left his office he told me to call him if I had any questions. The day of the successful surgery, Dr. Cleary greeted me, introduced me to the team and explained I was in the best hands! A few hours later Dr. Cleary woke me by calling my name aloud. He said I did a great job and the surgery went very well. The following morning Dr. Cleary came to my room to see how I was feeling and to take a walk in the hospital hallway. He said everything looked good and I would be discharged later that day. To be told, "You have prostate cancer" was very traumatic for me, but Dr. Cleary put my mind at ease, and I thank you."

- A grateful patient