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Clinical Trials – What To Expect

While each clinical trial is different, you generally will work with a health care team that includes a doctor and a research coordinator. This team will follow a research protocol where all participants in an assigned group get the same tests and treatment. The team will check your health, carefully monitor you during the study and follow up after the study. It’s important to take all prescribed treatments and keep all scheduled visits.

Be sure to get any questions about the study answered by your doctor or health professional so that you can make an informed choice. If you’re eligible and wish to enroll, you’ll be asked to review and sign a consent form.

Participants may be assigned to a group that receives a placebo (an inactive treatment) or an existing treatment instead of the investigational treatment, to help determine its effectiveness. In this situation, you will receive the same careful medical attention. To avoid bias, your doctor may not know which treatment you are receiving.

Enrolling in a trial is strictly voluntary and you may withdraw for any reason.

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