InterStim Therapy for Bowel Incontinence

For people who have not had success with more conservative therapies for chronic bowel control problems, or if bowel incontinence has worsened and is significantly diminishing your quality of life, sacral neuromodulation therapy – an advanced treatment for bowel incontinence - may be right for you. 

Chesapeake Urology works with a patient's gastroenterologist (GI) who will refer a patient to one of our continence specialist for evaluation for neuromodulation, or InterStim therapy.

Our urologists do not diagnose bowel incontinence, but work with your GI doctor to perform InterStim when other treatment options have not been successful. 

Specialists in Neuromodulation

Several of Chesapeake Urology’s physicians and nurse practitioners are specialists in the area of sacral neuromodulation therapy, commonly known as InterStim® Therapy.  While neuromodulation therapy was originally intended for use with bladder control patients, this innovative treatment has been proven an effective therapy for bowel incontinence as well. 

In fact, many patients who experience urinary incontinence issues such as overactive bladder (OAB) find they also experience occasional or even persistent bowel incontinence. Today, the incontinence specialists at Chesapeake Urology utilize this advanced treatment option for patients experiencing bowel incontinence and have seen excellent results and improvement in symptoms.

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