Cryosurgery is the freezing of cancerous kidney cells.

If a kidney tumor is small, or when partial or complete kidney removal is not an option, your doctor may recommend cryosurgery to freeze and kill the tumor at the source of its growth.   This type of "ablative" therapy can be performed laparoscopically or percutaneously (directly through the skin) using radiology guidance, depending on the location of the tumor and other factors.

What is cryosurgery for kidney cancer?

  • This procedure is performed under anesthesia.  After the tumor is clearly identified (either laparoscopically or with a CT scan), specialized needles are placed into the tumor.

  • The needles are then used to freeze and quickly thaw the tumor, killing the cancerous cells.

What are the benefits of cryosurgery for kidney cancer?

This treatment permits:
  • Shorter hospital stay
  • Faster recovery with less discomfort
  • Repetition, if necessary
It can also be performed for multiple tumors at the same time, if necessary.