Laparoscopic/Robotic Partial Nephrectomy

For some tumors of the kidney, it is possible and preferable to preserve as much of the normal kidney as possible.  Surgeons will remove the tumor and a small amount of surrounding normal tissues to maintain as much function as possible while still minimizing the risk of regrowth of the cancer. 

How is the surgery performed?

When a disease requires that part of the kidney be removed, our specially-trained urologists can remove the tumor laparoscopically or with robot assistance under general anesthesia, using three to five small incisions for the instruments and a one-to-two-inch incision to remove the tumor. This replaces open or traditional surgery where the incision is typically 10 inches long and often goes through the muscle of the abdominal and/or chest wall.

To safely cut into the kidney, the blood supply to the kidney is temporarily clamped off to minimize bleeding and help with precise visualization. The remaining kidney is repaired and the blood supply is returned to the kidney.

What are the benefits of a laparoscopic/robotic partial nephrectomy?

This approach helps minimize pain, recovery time, and scarring.

How long will it take to recover?

Most patients are able to leave the hospital in 1-4 days and resume normal activities in 2-6 weeks.