Physical Therapy

Restoring control, confidence, independence and your quality of life

woman on medicine ballPhysical therapists specifically focused on pelvic health for men, women and children are an integral part of the Chesapeake Urology team. Our patients benefit from the expertise of pelvic floor physical therapists who specialize in non-surgical and non-medication therapies for the treatment of pelvic and urologic disorders as well as cancer rehabilitation.  

Physical therapy is often the first line of defense against pelvic floor disorders and plays a significant part in the overall treatment plan, which is why Chesapeake Urology partners with several certified providers to deliver the most comprehensive care to our patients. 

In addition to pelvic floor disorders, physical therapists are also specially trained to address cancer related issues including urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction in men following a radical prostatectomy, cancer related fatigue and rehabilitation for cancer survivors

Physical therapists specialize in the evaluation and treatment of:

What is a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist?

Physical therapists that specialize in pelvic floor disorders are specifically trained to identify and treat the underlying causes of your symptoms and pain.  Our physical therapists take the time to perform comprehensive physical evaluations and diagnostics to determine the underlying cause of your symptoms so you can receive the proper treatment that will restore function and quality of life for the long term. 

Through education, biofeedback therapy, manual therapy and exercise, our team of experience physical therapists assist you in learning how to decrease and manage symptoms of pelvic floor conditions. 

Physical therapists work with you to develop an individualized treatment plan designed to correct functional disorders, improve muscle function and strength, relieve pain, promote healing and help restore your independence and quality of life. 

Meet the physical therapy team. 

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