Narrow Band Imaging Cystoscopy



Narrow Band Imaging Cystoscopy (NBI®)

New techniques recently have been introduced to improve the physician’s ability to detect small, non-muscle-invasive tumors that may not be seen with conventional cystoscopy.  In certain situations, Chesapeake Urology physicians may utilize NBI cystoscopy, an image enhancement technology with greater sensitivity for detecting bladder tumors.  The technology takes advantage of the benefits of varying wavelengths of white light without the need for dyes or drugs.


The Image at left shows visualization using white light; at right the image shows visualization utilizing NBI.

The peak light absorption of hemoglobin occurs at the wavelengths used in NBI. As a result, blood vessels appear very dark, allowing for improved visibility and improved identification of other surface structures within the bladder walls, including new and recurrent tumors.


How is NBI Performed and What are the Benefits?

  • Narrow Band Imaging cystoscopy is performed in your urologist’s office or one of Chesapeake Urology’s Summit ambulatory surgery centers (ASC). The procedure is performed the same way as a diagnostic cystoscopy with the special imaging technology attached to the tip of the cystoscope. 

  • NBI does not require that you take medications or have any type of dye injection to enhance visualization.

  • Because this technology does not require preparation by the patient, the physician may decide to utilize the NBI cystoscopy during the course of a traditional cystoscopy.
  • NBI can also be utilized for biopsy or transurethral resection of a bladder tumor (tumor removal).

Discuss Narrow Band Imaging Cystoscopy with your urologst and whether it is right for your diagnosis.