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Epididymovasostomy is an even more complex and delicate vasectomy reversal procedure that is performed when a blockage is discovered in the epididymis. The epididymovasostomy requires greater surgical expertise that the vasovasostomy.

The vas deferens is attached directly to the epididymis.  An incision is made to an epididymal tubule, where sperm are stored, just prior to the obstruction. The tubule is gently squeezed for fluid.  The fluid is checked for sperm. If sperm are absent, a more proximal incision is made and checked again.  For epididymovasostomy to be successful, sperm must be present within the tubule at the site of the anastomosis, which is where the sutures will join the two streams (the tubule and the end of the vas deferens). The anastomosis is performed using two layers of very fine sutures and is also done using the operating microscope.

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